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Carlo Pettorosso founded Flying Charter after spending many years in the yachting industry. His company is committed to delivering a seamless service to all charter customers. Here, Carlo offers some advice on what to see and do when chartering in the Bay of Naples

Relaxation and wellbeing

The Island of Ischia is universally known for its sea and its remarkable spa resources. The thermal wealth of the island is immense: 29 basins and hundreds of mineral springs and fumarole. Ischia has modern thermal parks to relax and bathe in the volcanic mud baths. Anchor off in the bay of San Montano and take guests to the famous thermal springs and Spa of Negombo or to Giardini Poseidon, in the enchanting setting of the bay of Citara. Here guests can ponder a mind-boggling choice of treatments and facilities, which include saunas, Jacuzzis and baby-blue pools filled with salubrious mineral waters.
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The spas are great for children too as they will never run out of pools to splash around and it is perfectly safe to let them wonder around by themselves. Alternatively, guests can go to the luxurious Spa of Mezza Torre Hotel, an exclusive hotel with a great location and wonderful view above the sea. Their health and beauty centre offers the most exclusive health and beauty treatments.

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Negombo Spa resort
Negombo Spa and Resort in Ischia

Tour of the island

Apart from the attraction of the scenery and the thermal baths, Ischia offers many things to do. We recommend a guided tour by car with a stop at one of the island’s wineries where guests can tour the old stone cellars, sip the local varietal and stop for lunch. San Angelo, a small fishing village on the south of the island of Ischia, is an idyllic treasure, bounded on one side by soaring cliffs which meld beautifully into crystal clear Mediterranean waters. The village boasts a variety of ceramic shops and cafes on the main little square. The tour can also include a visit to the Aragonese Castle, the most impressive historical monument of Ischia. The castle stands on a volcanic rock connected to the island by a bridge built in 1438. It is also a good spot if traveling with children.

Sant' Angelo, a little harbour on the island<br /><span></span> iStock.jpg<br /><span></span>
Sant’ Angelo, a little harbour on the island
La Mortella Garden, designed by Russell Page and inspired by the Moorish gardens of Granada’s Alhambra in Spain, this garden is one of Italy’s finest. More than 1000 rare and exotic plants from all over the world thrive here, from luscious lotus flowers to the rare Amazonian water lily. Amongst the two large gardens is an array of water fountains, pools and miniature waterfalls. Visitors can also hike up a hill to see a smaller garden complete with a bamboo pavilion. This is the ideal place for both hikers and casual walkers who want some stunning scenery to accompany their walk. Guests may also be able to attend a jazz or classical concert in the gardens at night.

La Mortella Garden
La Mortella Garden

Archeological Museum of Pithecusae

Set in the beautiful villa Arbusto, this museum has numerous artifacts. Some of the most important relics of the museum date back to the Greek times, like the famous Nestor’s Cup. From the crypt of the nearby Santa Restituta Church one enters the excavations of a Paleo-Christian basilica and the museum’s relics that tell the story of the island from the time of the Greeks to the first Christians.

Geo excursions and trekking excursions

Guided excursions up to Mount Epomeo with breathtaking views over the Gulf of Naples. Once on the summit, a visit to the hermitage of San Nicola (15th century) entirely carved into tuff rock, is rewarding. The view from the peak is absolutely spectacular. The hike down passes through some lovely Mediterranean woodland past ancient cave dwellings. Continuing through the rustic hills guests will enjoy wonderful views of the west coast of Ischia while walking past vineyards and orchards.

A geo excursion can take you to the dizzy heights for wonderful views of the island<br /><span></span> Shutterstock<br /><span></span>
A geo excursion can take you to the dizzy heights for wonderful views of the island

Guided bike tour

Traveling the island on a bicycle is a fun way to explore Ischia. For those who want a challenge, a strenuous uphill ride to the village of Fontanta brings you to the top of Monte Epomeo (788m), the island’s highest point with superb views of the Gulf of Naples.

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Carlo Pettorosso founded Flying Charter after spending many years in the yachting industry. His company is committed to delivering a seamless service to all charter customers.
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